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Manon Tanti accused of hitting her daughter: she firmly denies the odious rumor

This is a case that has shaken the reality TV planet. And for good reason ! It concerns the couple Manon and Julien Tanti, particularly discreet about their love life, on social networks. But everything changed this Friday, July 15, 2022, after a huge argument broke out the day before in Cannes between the two spouses. Manon would have taken her two children under her arm, Tiago and Angelina, and would have left the home to reflect. Not giving news to his relatives, the latter were worried, as much as his millions of subscribers. But what happened? In recent days, the candidate of Marseilles from W9 posted several stories on his social networks, suggesting that he did not appreciate his wife’s brittle behavior towards him in the new 6play show, It’s the family. Some sequences of which can be (re)watched here.

Manon Tanti furious, she comes out of the silence

“I am enormously surprised by the episodes… Living it and seeing it are two different things. They are quite violent… I did not expect that”, he notably wrote in story. Julien Tanti also followed the Instagram accounts of several of his exes, to steal his wife, Manon. After several days of silence, the influencer resumed her social networks to provide an update on the situation. “There was no disappearance, I will never play that because the children have nothing to do with the confusion of couples”, she first explained. Adding that her husband had “clearly screwed up”, publicly exposing their dispute. And as if this bad buzz weren’t enough, some Internet users noticed that their daughter, Angelina, 1 year and a half, had worrying marks on her face… Claiming that she had caught a door during her parents’ argument .

Instagram account of

Manon Tanti therefore made an update, this Monday, July 18, 2022, by firmly denying the odious rumor. “I just showed you that my daughter is being eaten by mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents don’t work. The people who invent that the confusion between Julien and me is because there was violence and my daughter has scars… There, we have to stop freaking out, these are things that can be very serious. We will never be violent with our children. I’m willing to admit that it’s our fault for displaying our lives in public, but to go from there to inventing that there was violence against our children… Not at all what. I find it disgusting”she replied, particularly angry and affected by these serious accusations.

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