"It's not Tara who would make me stay here": Charlotte Valandrey, her harsh words about her daughter

“It’s not Tara who would make me stay here”: Charlotte Valandrey, her harsh words about her daughter

If there is one thing that we must remember from Charlotte Valandrey’s passage on Earth, it is her courage. The life course of the multi-faceted artist has been strewn with pitfalls. At only 17, she learns of her HIV status. Under triple therapy, Charlotte Valandrey will develop major heart problems requiring transplants.

And when she had received a new heart, her third, she died. A week after his death, Gala paid tribute to her by publishing the interview she gave them last March on the occasion of the publication of her book Reconcile with yourself published by Robert Laffont. A moving interview during which the actress, star of tomorrow belongs to us at the time, was gently beginning to lay down arms.

The difficulties, Charlotte Valandrey faced them thanks to her strength of character but above all thanks to her daughter Tara, born of her story with Arthur Lecaisne. She herself confided at the time: “I have hit rock bottom in the past, and in those times my daughter was my strength.“However, she was already considering the possibility of the end:”If it were to happen again, I would of course think about it, but something has changed… If I really didn’t see the end of the tunnel, it’s not Tara who would make me stay here… I know, it’s hard what I say…

Four months later, Charlotte Valandrey joined the stars despite the hope that she had revived, did not allow the actress to continue the path of life. It was with her dad Jean-Pierre, her sister Aude and her daughter Tara that Charlotte gently left, expressing her wish to join her late mother, Anne-Marie.

Not knowing if she could one day have children without transmitting HIV to them, Charlotte Valandrey exploded with joy when she became the spitting image of Tara’s mother. Between them, a fusional relationship was quickly established, despite the artist’s absences that her baby had already blamed on her: “For ten years, I was there of course, but I was too taken by what was happening to me, I was not a mother like other mothers. With mine, I had breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon, I never ate in the canteen. These are things I didn’t do for Tara.

Moved, Charlotte Valandrey continued: “I haven’t apologized to him yet. But still not far…“Now, Tara lives with their memories. And there is no doubt that she has forgiven the one to whom she was still paying homage this July 19 during the funeral: “He was the strongest person I knew, with the greatest rage to live.“Tara will also live for her now.

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