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it might cost a lot more

Bad news for those who are waiting for the iPhone 14. Between shortage and pandemic, Apple would be ready to significantly increase the price of new iPhones.

The iPhone 14 is getting closer and should be presented in mid-September. As rumors and leaks multiply, fans of the brand are waiting for find out the prices of this new cuvée. Unfortunately, the period is not favorable and the analysts who try to guess the price of the new iPhone are pessimistic. Speaking to the British tabloid The Sun, analyst Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities explains that the 2022 models will cost more than their predecessors.

A $100 increase is to be expected for the classic model, the entry-level from the American manufacturer. The other variants would also be affected by this increase. If confirmed, the iPhone 14 would cost $899 in the United States compared to $799 for the iPhone 13. As for the “Pro” models, the iPhone 14 Pro would be displayed at $1,099 ($999 for the 13 Pro) while the iPhone 14 Pro Max would start at $1,199 ($1,099 for the 13 Pro Max). Finally, the iPhone 14 Max would start at $999 and would be much more expensive than the current iPhone 13 mini ($699).

The French prices should be even more expensive, due to Apple policy and different taxes. As a reminder, the iPhone 13 mini costs 809 euros and the iPhone 13 is displayed at 909 euros while the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max easily cross the 1,000 euro mark (respectively 1,159 euros and 1,259 euros) .

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“We expect a $100 price increase to come for the iPhone 14”, assures Dan Ives. He adds that the origin of this price increase must be sought on the side of the shortage and the pandemic. “Prices have increased throughout the supply chain, and Cupertino must pass those costs on to the consumer on this release”he adds.

A price difference between the classic and Pro models?

If doubts remain about Apple’s desire to recover this increase to the end consumer; it’s becauseApple could take advantage of the situation to review its strategy. According to information from LeaksApplePro, the Californian firm would like to dig into the difference between the Pro and non-Pro models. The price would be an interesting lever to mark a break between the different devices in the range.

“The difference between the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro is huge”believes the leaker. “Apple is really trying to save as much money as possible with the production of the iPhone 14, so I don’t think the company is planning the $100 hike that Wedbush is talking about”.

It would not be surprising to see the Californian giant make this choice. The removal of the mini model will already make it possible to increase the price of the entry ticket, the most accessible model becoming the iPhone 14. In addition, non-pro models should inherit components from the current range and thus avoid significant costs for Apple. Conversely, the firm may focus efforts on a Pro series which looks promising.

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