Issa Doumbia

Issa Doumbia metamorphosed: the before and after of his impressive weight loss revealed!

Obviously, we can say that Issa Doumbia has lost a lot of weight in recent years! A radical process during which he never ceased to do his part. Moreover, it has been a long time since the man embarked on a particularly severe diet! A remarkable effort that obviously paid off. Completely transformed, he shocks his followers on Instagram with this beautiful shot he recently shared! The details are in the following lines!

Issa Doumbia: her motivation to lose weight!

It is an image that smacks of pride that Issa Doumbia posted on her Instagram account on July 18. having followed a slimming diet for a few years nowthe results of his efforts are beginning to be visible.

As a reminder, this is a former star of “Nos Chers Voisins”. A TF1 program which has also won over more than one viewer! The man does not let go of anything when it comes to his personal well-being!

Indeed, Issa Doumbia had no other choice than to follow a food rebalancing due to a health problem !

Its main objective is also to make your daily life easier. Know then that it is since 2018 that he embarked on this process of weight loss.

Well-being above all!

Issa Doumbia notably underlined that it was not a question of style but health and lifestyle. The man realized the need to follow a slimming diet.

Indeed, he could no longer take a few steps without feeling tired! That said, losing a little weight is therefore a necessity for the 40-year-old comedian.

In addition, Issa Doumbia constantly clarifies that he has never been complexed by his few extra pounds. The man always assumed the body that he had at base.

If the latter had not caused him health concerns, the idea of ​​making a change could never have been part of his goals! During these years, the comedian has never lost sight of his goals! Although he is not one to expose his activities too much!

Issa Doumbia: supported by a whole community!

Issa Doumbia then lands on an Instagram photo showing her remarkable evolution! These were two shots of the man wearing the same clothes but at different times ! Once again, the man mentioned that his main motivation is “health, before aesthetics” as he had pointed out.

Besides, he did not miss the opportunity to offer some advice for people who also want to lose weight. “There is a food hygiene to be recarded with specialists and sport level a guy like in your life”, he had written!

Impressed by the great change of Issa Doumbia, its subscribers could not refrain from congratulate the man for this impressive progress. If the actress Shirley Bousquet commented “bravo” on the photo, Sylvie Tellier, for her part, was just content to put emojis.

The long list continues with singer Mokobé. The latter who had commented “Dummy size, dummy without forcing, take it out, take it out. Well done champ.”

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