"Good to put in the trash" sexuality past 50?  Adriana Karembeu testifies and says how much and how she has fun in bed!

“Good to put in the trash” sexuality past 50? Adriana Karembeu testifies and says how much and how she has fun in bed!

On July 11, Adriana Karembeu gave an exclusive interview to our colleagues from Femme Actuelle. An opportunity for the pretty blonde to confide in her sex life. ” I’ve never asked myself the question before because for me, everything is going pretty well. I take what there is to take and I like to live my sexuality at 100%. But it is true that with age, the woman of 40 to 50 asks herself a lot of questions about her femininity, her sensuality and her sexuality. She’s trying to reconnect with herself “explained the actress who celebrated her 50th birthday last September.

“Rediscovering a body that has changed”

Comfortable with her sexuality, Adriana Karembeu admitted to having found answers to her questions thanks to the program, “The extraordinary powers of the human body”. ” Thanks to this program, I realized that it can pose some problems and that the woman thinks that after 50 years she is placed in a category where not much awaits her. These are received ideas. It’s true that you have to rediscover a body that has changed, which is no longer the same as when you were 20 years old. But that doesn’t mean it’s good to throw away “added the actress.

If everything goes for the best on her side, Nina’s mother is still aware that some women may have difficulty approaching their sexuality. The latter therefore wanted to give some advice. ” It’s time to say to yourself: ‘I am a woman, I know what I want in life and I should get it. There are no more barriers. I have my spouse, I built my family, but above all I am a woman. And if I want to flourish, it’s now. We have the same rights as men. You have to try to satisfy your desires and pleasures, without worrying about taboos around sexuality. Without being afraid or ashamed to do so “. Wise words.


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