Gaspard Ulliel: His son Orso (6 years old) cracking long hair in Corsica with his mother Gaëlle Pietri

Gaspard Ulliel: His son Orso (6 years old) cracking long hair in Corsica with his mother Gaëlle Pietri

Gaëlle Pietri continues to move forward and ensure that the mourning of Gaspard Ulliel, who died on January 19, of a major collision on a ski slope, in the best possible way, for her, but above all for their son Orso. The 6-year-old boy can count on her to entertain him and create lots of memories for him. While the late actor’s son was accompanying the model on a business trip to Italy, this time around they’re taking a moment to relax.

And it is in Corsica that the mother and her son find themselves with the family. The opportunity for Orso Ulliel to spend a pleasant day with his cousin, according to the photos shared by Gaëlle Pietri. A photo where you can see how much Orso wears long hair. Already very stylish and adventurous, he has obviously inherited the many qualities of his late dad. Very playful, this little boy seems to be well surrounded to overcome the difficult ordeal of the loss of a parent.

Gaëlle Pietri’s words for Gaspard Ulliel

It was a few days after his birthday last January that Gaspard Ulliel, his father, died. A brutal death for the little one who had however seen his father’s best friends promise to always be there for him during the funeral. Separated from the actor for two years, Gaëlle Pietri had been very touched and moved but had remained dignified with the parents of the actor, and did not give up in order to remain strong for their son.

Gaëlle Pietri and Orso do not forget Gaspard Ulliel. Time does not erase everything and nearly five months after the tragic disappearance of the actor in a skiing accident, his ex-girlfriend unveiled a new photo of his ex-boyfriend with their son Orso, last June. For Father’s Day, she shared this black and white snap to honor his memory. A black and white photo where we see the actor in a garden, hugged in the back by his son. A touching moment that testified to all the complicity of the father with his son. “Five months, I miss you so much“, had informed Gäelle Pietri.

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