Finish the "most difficult FPS in history" without dying, 20,000 euros at stake!

Finish the “most difficult FPS in history” without dying, 20,000 euros at stake!

Game News Finish the “most difficult FPS in history” without dying, 20,000 euros at stake!

Notice to the biggest challengers of a new major challenge has just been launched and there is a nice jackpot up for grabs. A streamer has just raised the sum of a very special record, which concerns a cult Xbox exclusive.

The unexpected comeback

Really difficult games, there are a lot of them and these are already the subject of exploits of all kinds: we can for example mention the titles of FromSoftware including Elden Ring, which recently made the headlines with speedruns simply impressive. But here, we are talking about a software that you may not have suspected at first sight: Halo 2.

For streamer Charlie White, aka Cr1tikal, the game has all the potential to be one of the toughest games ever made. In fact, it is even according to him “the hardest FPS in history” but under certain specific conditions: once the Legendary difficulty mode is engaged with all the skulls activated (which considerably increase the complexity with various and varied penalties), it would be impossible to complete the game without dying. Impossible, really?

Halo 2, an even more profitable game than you imagined

Cr1tikal therefore challenges the whole world to complete Halo 2 with these precise criteria. The key, a tidy sum of money: if we were talking about 5,000 dollars at the start, the streamer has recently inflated the kitty so that it now reaches … 20,000 dollars (i.e. 19,576.70 euros). You can participate but three rules must be respected, namely recording your performance, broadcasting it on the web and registering on this quiz.

For its part, Cr1tikal did not manage to cross the first two rooms of the game while respecting the famous criteria of difficulty. Suffice to say that the challenge will require a little bit of concentration, learning… and composure.

Complete the FPS "the most difficult in history" without dying, 20,000 euros up for grabs!

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