Even Brad Pitt has succumbed to the men's skirt trend

Even Brad Pitt has succumbed to the men’s skirt trend

FASHION – Brad Pitt is not necessarily known for his sense of style in everyday life. And yet, this Tuesday, July 19, the eternal Hollywood hunk apparently proved the opposite to us at the Berlin premiere of the film. Bullet Trainof which he is the headliner, arriving dressed in a garment that is very fashionable among men at the moment: a skirt.

Yes, a skirt. His is brown, close to mahogany. It is made of linen, a light, fluid, natural material suitable for current temperatures. The seams are exposed and give the impression that a hem has been made to reveal his legs, as well as his tattoos on his calves.

This Tuesday, Brad Pitt came with a matching jacket, again in linen. Below, a pink shirt slightly unbuttoned at the torso to reveal its pendants.

And at his feet: a pair of boots, which seem perfectly suited for a motorcycle ride.

Kid Cudi, Harry Styles, Billy Porter… Brad Pitt is not the first male celebrity to appear in public, on a red carpet or on the cover of a magazine, in a skirt or a dress.

A fashionable piece

For several years, these clothes have been the centerpieces of many fashion shows, such as in 2021 on the catwalk of the spring-summer 2022 collection of Louis Vuitton.

Its late artistic director, stylist Virgil Abloh, then said he wanted to erase clothing boundaries in the name of a more “human” approach to clothing and “a universal call for peace and love”. It’s not just a question of fashion or pop culture, “it’s an education and it can open minds”, he whispered at vogue.

This speech, he was not the first to hold it. In September 2020, Stella McCartney, for example, launched a so-called “genderless” collection. Marc Jacobs, too, with his “Heaven” capsule. On the Gucci site, there is now a section called “MX” to celebrate self-expression and deconstruct our binary way of dressing.

Brad Pitt’s prediction in 2004

While the Italian label has been offering a tartan dress for men since October 2020, some brands, such as Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto or Comme des Garçons, have always made the skirt a key element of their men’s wardrobe.

The trend for men’s skirts is not insignificant, it is part of a broader context of men’s clothing decomplexion. Like that of the crop top or mini-shorts, it reflects a different, more fluid masculinity, closely linked to the codes of queer cultures.

Brad Pitt, he predicted his foray into consumer ready-to-wear in 2004, at the time of the promo for Wolfgang Petersen’s blockbuster Troy, in which he played Achille. “Men will wear skirts by next summer, he assured vogue, convinced. This is my prediction and my proclamation. The film shows us that it goes to both genders. We wanted to be true to history. The Greeks wore skirts all the time.” We had to wait a little longer, but yes, Brad Pitt may have been right.

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