Charlotte Valandrey: Extreme weight loss, emaciated body... the hell of her transplant

Charlotte Valandrey: Extreme weight loss, emaciated body… the hell of her transplant

Charlotte Valandrey took the direction of paradise on July 13: “On June 14, Charlotte had to have emergency surgery to replace her ‘second-hand heart’ as she called it, but this new transplant did not take, this third heart did not live.explained his relatives in a press release sent to AFP. After a last fight of a month where the hours lasted centuries, where to express herself Charlotte blinked her eyes and wrote a few words on a slate, she fell asleep with a smile shaking hands with her father Jean -Pierre, his daughter Tara and sister Aude.” At 53, Charlotte Valandrey passed away peacefully, after a life of fighting for hers.

In the 2000s, the triple therapy administered to Charlotte Valandrey to fight against HIV damaged her heart. After two heart attacks, the actress learns that she must quickly receive a transplant to have a chance of surviving. This chance, she gets it. She has no choice:She weighed only 35 kilos” writing Gala. Successfully operated, Charlotte Valandrey begins her new life, grateful. But recovery and the years that follow are much more complicated than expected.

You don’t come out of a transplant like an ordinary surgery. The body needs a big boost to make everything work properly, or at least, as well as possible: “She must have familiarized herself with these 23 huge pills to swallow at specific times and with no day offwe learn. With this body which, suddenly, deformed to the point that she said she no longer dared to reveal her arms or her legs, so emaciated, not knowing what to do with her bust which was growing.”

These physical changes, Charlotte Valandrey suffered, moreover by exercising a profession where physical appearance goes hand in hand with work: “As a woman, it’s not easy. When you’re an actress, it’s even more complicated. Especially in a society that glorifies image, appearance. Even today, in an evening, even if it is very hot, I will have a little trouble taking off my jacket. The gaze of others can be terrible.“Seeing her body transform was devastating for Charlotte Valandrey:”I held on, I went ahead, but since I didn’t have great self-esteem, there was a moment, it’s true, when I wanted to stop. To stop everything.“A difficult ordeal that she was ready to overcome again, no matter what.

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