Beijing Express - "This event would have been horrible", "I understand elimination better": this week's event intrigues following the elimination of Théo and Anne

Beijing Express – “This event would have been horrible”, “I understand elimination better”: this week’s event intrigues following the elimination of Théo and Anne

A week after the elimination of Théo and Anne, an event intrigues Internet users

New episode this Wednesday, July 20 of “Beijing Express: shock duo” for the third episode of this season 16. While the elimination of Théo and Anne, last week, had made a lot of talk, during this show, it is the test of the day that surprised Internet users. Indeed, according to them, the last elimination and the test would be intimately linked…

The duos are ready to go on an adventure for this third episode of “Beijing Express: shock duo”. On the program for this new format, six teams of two will travel across Sri Lanka and engage in equally difficult events to try to earn money for the association of their choice. The participants are: Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs, who are fighting for Utopia 56, which helps people in exile. Valérie Trierweiler and her best friend Karine are also part of the team and participate for the Secours Populaire. Miss France 2007 Rachel Legrain-Trapani participates with her companion Valentin for Accolade, an association which wishes to improve the care of children with cancer. Just Riadh and his best friend Abdallah play for Les Déterminés, which develops entrepreneurship in the suburbs and in rural areas. There is also the “Made in M6” duo of two sports journalists Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou who each play for Wonder Augustine (an association to support children with cancer) and for SNSM, a sea rescue association. There is Théo Curin, Paralympic swimming champion, and his agent Anne, who participate for the Autour des Williams association, which fights against William & Beuren syndrome.

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An unwelcome elimination?

Unfortunately, during the last episode, it was Théo Curin and Anne who had to leave the adventure, when they were the darlings of the show. On social networks, viewers did not hesitate to show their disgust and their emotion at the departure of the young 22-year-old athlete, in tears.

During this new episode, therefore, no Theo or Anne but a new test: the participants must carry a large basin filled with tea at arm’s length and travel several kilometers in this way. Viewers did not fail to point out that Théo and Anne would have had a lot of difficulty completing this test given that Théo has prostheses in both arms… Some did not hesitate to express their doubts concerning their elimination. .

Finally, it is Valérie and Karine who win the tea basin test with nearly 9 kilos collected.

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