Mercato: PSG has no say in Neymar's extension

Mercato: PSG has no say in Neymar’s extension

On July 1, Neymar’s contract, which currently runs until 2026, is expected to be extended for another year. The Brazilian is the only master of this possible extension, indicates Le Parisien.

In May 2021, Neymar had extended his contract at PSG until 2025. As early as July of the same year, an option for an additional year had been exercised, which means that the commitment of number 10 currently runs until in June 2026. It is expected that an option will be activated again on July 1 for another year in addition to the contract at PSG for Neymar. The Brazilian would be the sole master of this decision, indicates Le Parisien.

If he wishes, Neymar will therefore be committed to PSG until June 2027. From July 1, he will have a few weeks to activate this option for an additional year, reports the regional daily. During his extension in May 2021, the Parisian club had offered him the possibility of extending his contract for one year twice without having a say in the exercise of options by the Brazilian, which he has already did last year. Another clarification provided, the salary of the striker recruited in the summer of 2017 is decreasing over the optional years.

If Neymar decides to commit for an additional year at PSG as expected, the Brazilian would have a current contract for another five years. However, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi did not guarantee his future within the Parisian club: “ We are not going to talk about these issues in the media. Some will come and some will go, but these are private negotiations. “The player would have been touched by the speech of the president of PSG. The prolongation of a somewhat forced marriage between the two parties?

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