Kim Kardashian denies destroying Marilyn Monroe's dress

Kim Kardashian denies destroying Marilyn Monroe’s dress

CONTROVERSY – The floor is with the accused. This Tuesday, June 21, Kim Kardashian was on the set of the morning show Today on NBC, where she responded to those who accuse her of having damaged Marilyn Monroe’s dress worn at the last Met Gala.

She denies. “I arrived at the feet of the red carpet in a bathrobe and slippers. I put on the dress and walked up the stairs. I had to wear it for three, maybe four minutes. Then I changed at the top of the stairs, she assured. Assistants with gloves put it on me.”

These remarks join those of the museum which has the said dress. In a press release released a few days earlier, the New York establishment assured that Kim Kardashian “did not in any way damage the garment during the short time it was worn at the Met Gala”.

In mid-June, a Marilyn Monroe fan posted a series of photos on Instagram to denounce the condition in which Kim Kardashian allegedly left the late star’s iconic dress. The before-and-after suggests that the reality TV star caused small tears in the fabric at the back closure and lost several crystals, some even hanging by a thread in the back of the dress.

“From the bottom of the Met steps, where Kim put the dress on, to the top where it was returned, the dress was in the same condition,” said Amanda Joiner, vice president of Ripley’s who has been constantly with the dress on the day of the gala.

A dress from “American history”

“The dress never stayed alone with Kim, as museum patrons also previously explained to Slate. There was always a representative from Ripley’s. We always made sure that anytime we felt the dress was in danger of tearing or we felt uncomfortable about anything, we had the option to say we didn’t want to continue. .”

To reach the Met Gala red carpet, the precious garment was kept in a safe, the temperature and humidity of which were carefully controlled. “I had to wear gloves to try it on,” Kim Kardashian told the magazine. voguelast May.

The shimmering gold dress, which Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang a happy birthday to United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is now considered the most expensive dress sold at auction (4.8 million dollars in 2016 at Julien’s Auctions). Kim Kardashian, she assured on Tuesday that she understood “the importance of this dress in American history”.

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